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We strive to process and confirm your order as quickly as possible. Generally, it takes 1-2 business days to process the order and send you the confirmation details. However, during peak times or for customized services, it may take a bit longer. Rest assured, we make every effort to ensure a timely processing of your order.

The delivery of prasada varies depending on the type of puja and location. Generally, we aim to dispatch the prasada within 7-10 days after the completion of the puja. However, please note that delivery times may vary due to factors like shipping distance and customs procedures. Rest assured, we take utmost care in packaging and delivering the prasada to ensure its freshness and authenticity.

Go to the website/App and log in using your credentials. Then navigate to the “My Account” page to change the defaut Shipping Address.

If you want to change the Shippng Address of order that you have already place, contact our support within 24 hours of your order.

If you encounter any issues with your order or shipment, please reach out to our customer support team immediately. We are here to assist you and resolve any concerns or queries you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we will work towards ensuring a satisfactory resolution.

Yes, we offer puja services for various deities and occasions. Whether you wish to perform a puja for Lord Ganesha, Goddess Durga, or any other deity, we can customize the puja according to your specific requirements. Additionally, we provide special puja packages for festivals like Diwali, Navratri, and more.

Yes, we regularly offer special discounts and promotional offers on our puja bookings. We understand the importance of making puja services accessible to everyone. Keep an eye on our website or app for the latest discounts, seasonal offers, and packages. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can also receive exclusive updates and notifications about upcoming deals.

We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experience with our puja services. You can provide feedback through our website or app, where you may find a dedicated section for testimonials or reviews.

Yes, at Mahavidhya, we strive to be a trusted source of spiritual guidance and support. If you have any questions or queries related to spirituality, rituals, or the puja process, our knowledgeable team is here to assist you.

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Puja and Temple

To book a puja service with Mahavidhya, simply visit our website or download our app. Browse through the available pujas, select the desired puja, provide the necessary details, choose the date and time, and proceed with the payment. Once the booking is confirmed, our team will take care of the rest and ensure a seamless puja experience for you.

Yes, we understand that every individual may have unique preferences and requirements for their puja. At Mahavidhya, we offer the flexibility to customize the puja based on your specific needs. During the booking process, you can provide additional instructions or requests, and our expert pandits will incorporate them into the puja ceremony.

The duration of a puja may vary depending on the type of puja and the specific rituals involved. While some pujas can be completed within a couple of hours, others may take longer. Our team will provide you with an estimated duration for your chosen puja during the booking process, ensuring that you have a clear idea of the time commitment required.

Yes, at Mahavidhya, we take pride in our team of experienced and knowledgeable pandits. We carefully select pandits who are well-versed in Vedic rituals, mantras, and puja procedures. They have undergone rigorous training and have years of experience in conducting pujas with utmost devotion and precision.

Once you have successfully booked a puja with Mahavidhya, you will receive a confirmation email or notification containing the details of your booking.

Absolutely! While our puja services can be booked for in-person or virtual experiences, we encourage active participation from our customers. During virtual pujas, you can join the ceremony through a video call and follow the instructions provided by the pandit. For in-person pujas, you will have the opportunity to actively engage in the rituals under the guidance of our expert pandits.

e understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and you may need to reschedule or cancel your puja booking. In such cases, please reach out to our customer support team as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request and make the necessary arrangements

Yes, we take care of providing all the necessary puja materials required for the ceremony. Whether it’s the sacred items, flowers, incense, or other essential elements, our team ensures that everything is arranged for the puja. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will take care of the details, allowing you to focus on the spiritual experience and connection with the divine.

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