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Nag Panchami 2020, Nag Panchami Pooja Astrological Importance


What is Nag Panchami?

Nag Panchami is the worship of snakes or serpents observed by Hindus throughout India on the Shukla Paksha Panchami day in the Hindu month of Shravan(July/August). On this day sarpraj takshaka, the king of snakes and his race was saved by ma Mansa devi from decimation on the request of Astika the son of Jaratkarus. Ma Mansa Devi saved the root existence of snakes for nature which was going to be eliminated by Sarpa Satra yagna which was being performed by rishis and munis on the order of Janamejaya the son of king Parikshit.
Nag Panchami is also known as Bhratru Panchami. On this day sisters along with their brothers worship snakes and offer prayers to appease nag devta so that they are protected by nag devta and get protection from any harm by snakes.

Every month on panchami tithi of shukla paksha as per lunar calendar mahavidhya performs tantric naag devta puja, but on Panchami Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Shravan Maas, special worship is offered to naag devta. This puja is done to get various kinds of astrological, spiritual and other benefits.

Nag Panchami 2020 Date

Nag Panchami is a unique festival that is celebrated to worship snakes from mona panchami to nag panchami. Nag Panchami dates are from 10th July to 25th July 2020 i.e Nag Panchami day.

Nag Panchami – Nag Festival Rituals

On the auspicious day of Nag Panchami festival tantric puja is carried out in a grand way by mahavidhya sadhaks. The following program will be carried out:

  • Guru Vandana
  • Guru Poojan
  • Gau puja
  • Bhairav puja
  • Special Nag devta Abhishekam
  • Pushpa Arpanam
  • Nag devta Shringar and Alankaram
  • Ganapathy, Navagraha, Aavahan puja and homam
  • Sri Nag devta Mool Mantra, Maha poojan Yagya
  • Purnahuti
  • Deep daan
  • Prasad distribution

On Nag panchami minimum eleven boys below the age of ten are worshiped as a personification of Nag devta. They are served food and presented with new clothes and other things.

Naag Devta Pooja

Special naag puja mantra is carried out on nag panchami. All the devotees or individuals suffering from any kind of sarp dosha and are interested may contact immediately to get the maximum benefit of conducting nag devta puja on this special day dedicated to naag devta to receive his bountiful blessings. Expenses for special nag panchami day puja are 11000 INR.

Naag Pooja from Mona panchami to Nag Panchmi

Mahavidhya conducts special naag puja in every nag panchami festival during shravan month from monapanchami to nag panchami. In this pooja vishist poojan is performed for naag devta.
The expense of naag pooja:
Expenses for mahavidhya naag pooja are 15000 INR which includes Shri shiv and naag pooja, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony poojanam, namavali, vrihad mantra Japa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan. Apart from these we also conduct naag/sarp yantra pooja and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement.

Naag Devta Pooja Benefits

Following are the benefits of doing nag devta pooja on nag panchami:

  • It mitigates the negative effects of kaal sarp dosha in a horoscope.
  • To nullify Nisantan yog for childless couples
  • Gain from ancestral property
  • Removes the fear of snakes
  • To unearth and obtain hidden treasures.
  • To eradicate Vastu dosha
  • Helps in removing hormonal disturbances of the human body

Following are the puja’s done on naag panchami along with expenses by Mahavidhya sadhaks:

  • Kaalsarp dosha nivaran puja- 15000 INR
  • Puja for childless couples- 15000 INR
  • Puja to remove the fear of snakes- 15000 INR
  • Puja for gain from ancestral property- 15000 INR
  • Puja for Vastu dosha nivaran- 15000 INR
  • Puja to unearth and obtain hidden treasures- 15000 INR

Nag Panchmi Pooja For Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran

When all the planets come in between the axis of Rahu and Ketu in one’s horoscope kaal sarp yog is formed. People having Kaal Sarp dosh in their horoscope face lot many hardships and obstacles to achieve their name, fame and rise in their respective career fields and all kinds of troubles in family life. Even the best efforts produce no result or effect and overall growth is stalled. Vamtantra naag panchami pooja helps to overcome the negativities and obstacles due to the presence of kaalsarp dosha. Vamtantra conducts special kaal sarp puja in every shravan month from monapanchami to nag panchami. The expense for tantrik kaalsarp dosh nivaran puja is Rs 15000(fifteen thousand only) which includes Shri shiv and naag poojanam, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony, namavali, vrihad mantrajapa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan. Apart from these we also conduct kaal sarp yantra pooja and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement. An extra charge of Rs 5000 (five thousand only) if poojas are performed at 12 jyotirlingas.

Astrological Significance of Naag Pooja

Naag pooja is essential for individuals going through

  • mahadasa or antardasa of Rahu graha
  • mahadasa or antardasa of Ketu graha
  • weak or malefic Shukra graha
  • troubles caused due to Visha yog

Vamtantra conducts special graha puja’s in every shravan month from mona Panchami to nag Panchami as a remedy for removal of all doshas/Graha shanti especially for Rahu, Ketu, Shukra graha’s as well as visha yoga dosha. The expense for tantrik graha dosha nivaran nag puja is Rs 15000(fifteen thousand only) which includes Shri shiv and naag pooja, graha dosha pujan, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony pooja, namavali, vrihad mantrajapa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan.

Naag Pooja For Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini is depicted as a snake placed at the root of the spinal cord and it is said that Kundalini energy exists there. Snake is one of the organisms symbolizing spiritual guidance. Snake could appear as an organism with animating force when we need support to move forward towards the unexplored region.
A snake has grounded movement therefore when we move upward mentally and physically it reminds us of staying close to where we are at present.

The kundalini power rest at the lower end of the spine “rolled up like a snake” and enters the system through the root center i.e mooladhar. Mahavidhya sadhaks perform nag puja for kundalini jagaran so that Muladhara Chakra will be opened and the Kundalini Shakti will start moving upwards travelling one by one across the seven chakras, via root center(mooladhar) to the crown center(shastrabhram).

While kundalini awakening our bodily process of inhalation and exhalation is compared with the respiratory system of a snake. In this respiratory process, we control our breath to envoke the power of kundalini. One can grow spiritually when an awakened kundalini releases the power which flows from mooladhara to shastrabhram controlling our feelings and emotions. With the successful awakening of this divine snake energy by vamtantra sadhaks one can become enlightened and controls many divine powers. The spiritual practice of kundalini awakening through vamtantra divine methods balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind, body, and soul.

Mahavidhya conducts special kundalini jagaran naag devta puja in every shravan month from monapanchami to nag panchami for kundalini awakening. The expense for this special nag dev puja is 21000 INR (twenty-one thousand only) which includes Shri shiv and naag pooja, kundalini mantra poojan, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony poojanam, namavali, vrihad mantrajapa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan.

The proper recitation of nag devta mantra given by mahavidhya is guidance in the way towards serpentine kundalini awakening. Mahavidhya energizes the Nag devta mantra and gives to the individuals for chanting so that their kundalini can be awakened. The spiritual way of kundalini awakening is for everyone who wants to become successful and face the challenges of living in this day and age.

What to do on Nag Panchami -Significance of Giving Daan

Daan/donation is the most significant aspect of human life in which even after giving away his most precious possessions he finds blissful solace. Bhandara conducted on nag panchami by vamtantra is more pious and blissful. Giving donations for ann and vastra daan on Nag Panchami day along removes the kaalsarp, Rahu, Ketu dosha and is carried out for third house shuddhi(For parakarma and wellness of siblings).
Nag Panchami Bhandara will be conducted by us on any one of the holy places for the needy and poor people and also for sadhaks and brahmins. People interested may donate as per their wish as it purifies your yesteryears sins and also acts as a remedy for removal of all doshas/graha shanti.

We request you to provide us the following details for Nag Panchami Pooja

  • Complete name of the person for whom the Puja has to be performed.
  • Father’s Name.
  • Date of Birth
  • Place of Birth
  • Time of Birth.
  • Additional Information
  • Contact Number.

*Any pooja’s and rituals done on these auspicious occasions plays prime importance to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energized. Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies, and adversities.

All the above poojas are done by tantra sadhaks by maintaining the pure sanctity and incorporating Vedic/tantrik rituals to get fast results.

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