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Angarak Yog

Angarak Yog

When Rahu or Ketu and Mangal are both in the same house, angarak yog is created. It also occurs when Rahu or Ketu are in Mesha or Vrishika, the rashi of the mangal. The house in which this yoga is created determines the results of angarak dosh in a kundli or horoscope. The interaction and fusion of other grahas is said to have an impact on this yog’s outcomes. The benefic or malefic positions of the mangal in the horoscope will determine the desired and positive attributes or undesirable and negative results.

Our puja significantly lessens the negative effects while these two planets are in conjunction because the combined effect of their abilities is quite tremendous.

Mars, which represents strength, is intensified beyond all measure when it is conjunct rahu or ketu. People who have such a conjunction of Mars and Rahu or Ketu are restless and require regular change or action in their lives so that they can channel their energy. Because of this, it’s crucial to direct this energy towards productive uses that will benefit both individuals and society as a whole.

Effects of angarak dosh include:

  • Accidents and long-term illnesses.
  • consequences of the evil eye.
  • commercial failure
  • marital strife
  • mental uncertainty and a lack of focus
  • Drugs don’t work on people.
  • violence and aggression


Mangal Ketu Angarak Yog: An accidently performed yoga

Ketu is in mesha rahi or vrishik rashi when mangal and Ketu are in conjuncture in the first house or the eighth house. Additionally, a potent accidental yog is created if the mars nakshatra lord is ashwini, magha, moola, or ketu is mrigshira, chitra, or dhanishtha. If there is a mahadasa of mangal and an antardasa of ketu, or vice versa, the mangal ketu angarak yog becomes much more hazardous.

The yogi Angarak Shanti Upay

Angarak yog sufferers and those whose horoscopes contain the malevolent influence of retrograde Mars might benefit greatly from the angarak yog puja performed by vamtantra sadhaks with tantric rituals. It is also recommended that those experiencing the main and sub-periods of Mars, Rahu, Ketu, or the opposite, go to this puja. Their issues are lessened and the advantages of these planets are increased through angarak yog shanti puja.

Angarak Yog Shanti’s costs

This puja, which serves as angarak dosh kavach, costs 15000 INR (fifteen thousand only). The 15-day Angarak yog nivaran puja contains the Shri Ganesh Kalash sthapan poojanam, pranprathista, sodasoupchar poojanam, mangal grah puja, rahu grah puja, ketu graha puja, hanumat puja, maa baglamukhi mantra japa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan. In addition to these, we also perform Shri Angarak Yog Yantra Puja and any other particular tantric puja as needed.

We need the following information from you for the puja:

Name of the individual for whom the angarak dosh puja must be conducted in full.

  • Father’s name.
  • born on date
  • location of birth
  • Age at birth.
  • Additional Details
  • Phone number.

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*Any poojas and rituals performed on these auspicious days are of utmost importance to obtain blessings and prosperity for every member of the family. To succeed, nine planets are worshipped, and to fully energise each planet, the greatest amount of power is generated from that planet. The purpose of special Tantrik Pujas, which are exclusively conducted at midnight, is to get rid of ego and negativity, which impede both spiritual and material advancement. Tantrik rituals are carried out primarily for world peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. People want protection against evil, foes, and adversity while being blessed with great joy and riches.

Tantra sadhaks do the aforementioned poojas while upholding absolute sanctity and adding tantric/vedic rituals for quick results.

Only your faith, trust, and belief produce the best outcomes.

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