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The sacred text of tantra in hindu mythology describes about the presence of yaksha and yakshinis as one of the gana’s in kuber lok. In tantra text it is mentioned that the sadhana of yakshini are to be done under the guidance of spritual tantrik guru and is to be kept secret and confidential as even a minor mistake in yakshini sadhana may cause great danger and risk of life for an individual. Mahavidhya provides suraksha kavach before going for any yakshne sadhna. Yaksha and yakshini are the male and female attendents of lord kubera the “Hindu god of wealth”. Lord shiva alloted them the area of Alaka in his kingdom of Himalayan. Yaksha and yakshini are also known to be guard who keeps watch over treasure of Lord Kuber.
Yakshinis are graphically represented as displaying luxury and furnishing gratification to the senses, having extreme beauty and possesing power of delighting the physical body. She always remain young making herself attractive or lovable. Yakshinis are said to be most effective and powerful. Once they are appeased they can give and please their devotees anything they desire in this materialistic world.

Yakshini Sadhana Tantra

Yakshini sadhana is one of the tantrik rituals and sadhnas that makes every thing possible in one’s life. Various yantra and mantra recitation are prescribed for their worship by the tantriks to attain various types of sidhis and for materialistic gain. Yakshini’s are very powerful and their sadhana involves danger or risk therefore their tantrik rituals according to vmahavidhya must be done under the guidance of a the spiritual tantrik guru only. One should always be dikshit in atleast one of the dusmahavidya by mahavidhya and should have successfully completed the sadhana before proceeding with yakshini sadhana so that he is safe and protected and success reaches him easily. Successful completion of yakshini sadhana gives blessings and desirable material to the sadhak. Yakshini sadhana tantra ritual if tried with full faith makes new and righteous approach to source of wealth and power on their own and also bestows the individual with wisdom to utilise the power and wealth in the right manner. A mahavidhya sadhak who is positively inclined uses these benefits to motivate people and for the benefit of mankind.

Yakshini Mantra Diksha

Individuals interested in getting initiation of yakshini sadhana mantra through Guruji will be provided yakshini sadhana suraksha kavach after yakshini sadhana tantric puja. Expense for getting yakshini mantra diksha is 51000/-(INR).

Yakshini sadhana preconditions laid down by mahavidhya

  • Dikshit in one of the dus mahavidyas
  • Suraksha kavach is required.
  • Must be done under the guidance of spiritual tantric guru
  • Ample japa of dus mahavidya Isht mantra
  • Maximum japa and recitation of shiv mantra and rudra path
  • Sadhana and jaap of bhairav mantra.
  • Abundant jaap of kuber mantra and appeasement of lord kuber
  • choose the yakshini sadhana as per your requirement with their respective powers and characteristics.
  • spiritual cleansing, purification of mind and body

Yakshini sadhana precautions

  • Mahavidhya yakshini sadhana ritual is not for novice. This sadhana gives immediate results and can be fatal if not done properly. A novice should not attempt this ritual as he will never get success no matter how hard he tries.
  • The mahavidhya rules of yakshini sadhana prohibits even discussing the secrets of this sadhana to anyone otherwise it may lead to fatal and failure.
  • The fruits obtained after yakshini sadhana must be utilised in a positive way for good cause of human beings otherwise it gives a negative effect to the individuals life.

Yakshini Sadhana benefits

The benefits of yakshini sadhana can be taken as for their name, respective powers and characteristics as per mahavidhya. Yakshini may be invoked as sister, mother, daughter, wife or friend as per your desire and expectations. But for satvik tantra sadhakas who are in the line of spiritual gain these considerations involve a lot of undesired practice and hence for them yakshini should be invoked just to have an understanding about the life cycle i.e death to birth, moksha and spiritual enlightment.

Yakshini if worshipped as mother, she gives wealth and all types of comforts and is raj yog karaka. They offer protection at all times to their devotees and able to fulfill our emotional needs. Mother’s heart is always very soft and patient. They love the sadhaks as their own kids during the worst (trouble) & best of times. Yakshini in the form of mother teaches us and her advice is always very beneficial for the individual. She is the source of endless joy, love and compassion. Through her grace she awakes his inner self, kundalini and through that light enlightens his spiritual knowledge which helps the sadhaka to develop his spiritual power.

If she is worshipped as wife she gives all comforts. Considering his needs and values she dresses and decorate herself to please her sadhak. She cooperates with the sadhak in spiritual practices and tantric rituals as a partner. In this partnership she shares adversities and joys through her faith and devotion and promises to serve, protect and care for him. Once a sadhak invokes a yakshini as a wife he has to be loyal to the yakshini and avoid involvement with other women even with his own wife. Otherwise the yakshini destroys the sadhak in all possible ways and leaves him.

If worshipped as sister, she takes care of the sadhak like a brother . She protects him and provides him with all sorts of worldly comforts such as clothes, drinks and gives gifts including divine maidens. Yakshini helps to win over the enemies and always stands as a suraksha kavach to the sadhak. She helps the sadhak to overcome social phobia and makes him a charismatic speaker who can win over the people.

If yakshini is worshipped as a friend, she helps the sadhak in every field and takes care of his immediate needs. As a friend she tells the sadhak what is right or wrong, stand by his side and never falter, gives the sadhak more confidence in his tantra rituals to achieve spiritual success with excellence.

Types of yakshini

Significance of yakshinis are prescribed as per the characteristics of each yakshini which has been craved out as per the need of the sadhaks. In bhoot damar tantra, Uddamareshvara tantra, Tantraraja Tantra and in other tantra texts the yakshinis are characterised as per the need normally in 36 forms with their different mantra’s and tantra rituals to appease them.

Best Period for yaksini sadhana

The best period for yakshini sadhana is all the four navratra’s and the hindu month of ashada, savan, bhadrapad and ashwin. Each yakshini sadhana should be done under the guidance of siddha tantric guru with full faith, trust and belief in guru and also in your sadhana which can only give the best result.

Yakshini Sadhana Procedure

Before starting any yakshini sadhana you should select yakshini as for your requirement and belief. On the auspicious yog/tithe as selected by Guru, yakshini tantric sadhana is to be carried out as per the till the time period given by the guru. The following program will be carried out

  • Guru Vandana
  • Guru Poojan
  • Gau puja
  • Special shiv poojan and rudra patha
  • Special bhairav pujan to appease lord bhairav.
  • Special kuber pujan
  • Pushpa Arpanam
  • Yakshini Shringar and Alankaram
  • Bhairav and Navagraha Aavahan puja and homam
  • Yakshini tantric Mool Mantra, rudra mool mantra, bhairav and kuber mool mantra japa
  • After completion of yakshini sadhana mantra japa you should again repeat the pujan of kuber, bhairav and lord shiva in reverse order. Only then yakshini sadhana is completed.
  • Purnahuti
  • Deep daan
  • Prasad distribution

On yakshini sadhana day minimum 9 girls below the age of nine are to be worshiped as the personification of ma shakti. They are served food and presented with new clothes and other things.

Note: Each yakshini has got its own mantra and some other time bound restrictions and japa procedures which are to be known from the Guru before starting yakshini sadhana.

Yakshini sadhana through Mahavidhya

Mahavidhya assists the individuals interested in yakshini sadhana . If the individual has any kind of fear or if there is a possibility of him getting frightened of yakshinis fearsome appearance, we help them to come out of this. mahavidhya sadhaks helps in invoking yakshini for individuals who are interested but are unable to perform yakshini sadhana. With this special sadhana he derives what he wishes.

Yakshini sadhana tantric puja

All the individuals who are interested to fulfill some special desire through yakshini puja may contact mahavidhya for performing the yakshini sadhana on their behalf and get maximum benefit of yakshini sadhana tantric puja. Expenses for this yakshini tantric puja done by our sadhaks are 31000/-(INR).

Yakshini sadhana Warning

The above material on yakshini sadhana is only to be taken as knowledge, informative and for educational purpose only. Tantric puja’s involve risk and have ricocheting effect as such are not to be practiced without the guidance of a siddha tantric guru. Each and every yakshini sadhana is to be followed through necessary rituals of initiation and work under the supervision of guru only.

We strictly advise the individuals or upasaks and beginners not to attempt these rituals without the consultation of Guru as he may never be successful no matter how hard he tries and even it may prove fatal if not done properly. We strictly advice the sadhak/upasak to follow the necessary rituals of initiation and work under the supervision of Guru for any new sadhana.

Yakshini sadhana rituals are prohibited by tantra shastras to discuss or to advocate. It is to be kept secret from the presence of uninitiated upasaks.

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