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Chaitri Navaratri

Chaitri Navaratri

Chaitri Navaratri is a festival celebrated four times a year, with the Chaitra Navaratri being one of the most important. During this festival, tantric remedies are performed to alleviate the negative effects of planetary positions, evil influences, black magic, and other tantric influences. These remedies are like surgical procedures that can quickly resolve various problems and bring abundance and prosperity.

Chaitra Navaratri spans 10 days and is dedicated to Goddess Tara. It is considered an auspicious time for tantriks and practitioners to perform rituals and resolve materialistic problems. The festival involves extensive prayers and recitation of sacred texts such as Durga Saptashati. By observing fasts, chanting mantras, and showing devotion to the Goddess, devotees seek her blessings and fulfillment of their wishes. The puja rituals are prescribed based on an individual’s horoscope and planetary positions.

Chaitra Navaratri puja brings numerous benefits, including overall happiness, prosperity, good health, resolution of family and financial problems, and protection from chronic issues. Specific pujas are conducted for different purposes, such as graha shanti (pacification of planets), dosha nivaran (removal of astrological afflictions), and protection from evil spirits. Special rituals are performed on Tara Ashtami, Mahanisha Puja, Annapurna Parikrama, Ashok Ashtami, and Ram Navami, each with its own significance and benefits.

The expenses for these puja rituals vary depending on the specific purpose and include various rituals, recitations, homams, and visarjan. Additionally, tantric remedies are available to protect individuals from black magic and other negative influences. Aghor Tantrik Puja is conducted during Chaitra Navaratri to prepare a Suraksha Kavach (protective shield) that safeguards individuals from family disputes, mental and financial issues, and the effects of black magic and curses.

It is important to provide personal details such as name, date of birth, place of birth, and additional information for conducting these puja rituals. The rituals are performed with pure intentions, incorporating Vedic and tantric practices to bring happiness, health, wealth, and protection against adversities. Trust, faith, and belief in the power of the rituals are emphasized to achieve the best results.

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