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Guru Chandal

Guru Chandal Yog and Guru Chandal Dosh

When Jupiter and Rahu are both in the same sign, Guru Chandal yog is formed. The combined traits of Jupiter and Rahu have an impact on the person’s life. The person goes against what is morally acceptable, proper, or good.

The benefic or malefic placement of Jupiter in the horoscope will determine whether the outcomes are good and positive or undesired and unfavourable. The house in which guru chandal yog is formed affects the outcomes of the yog as well. The interaction and fusion of other grahas is said to have an impact on this yog’s outcomes.

As well as when Jupiter and Ketu are in the same house, Guru Chandal Yog is also known to form when Ketu aspects Jupiter in a horoscope. In this kind of chandal yoga, people behave improperly, wickedly, or immorally. Because of the configuration or placement of the malefic or benefic planets in the various houses, different results can be considered fortunate or unlucky.

Is Chandal Yog beneficial or harmful?

Due to its planetary nature, Guru Chandal Yog is not seen as ethically upright by any standards. Jupiter is seen as a good planet in this context, boosting spirits as a potent teacher and benefactor and also as the planet that, if in good health, should produce the best ever positive outcomes. If Jupiter is supported by other uplifting planets in the horoscope, it also removes any obstacles from the native’s life. Rahu, a shadow planet with significant energy or impact, functions as a powerful ecliptor to lessen any planet’s favourable or beneficial influence.

Guru Chandal Yoga effects

Here are a few outcomes of guru chandal yog:

  • disrupts one’s career and finances
  • what undermines professional security
  • causes instability by losing jobs frequently.
  • Concentration and decision-making abilities are impaired.
  • makes people more likely to engage in ethically and socially wrong behaviour.
  • Guru Chandal yoga in the horoscope causes physical and mental illnesses as well as issues with obtaining and preserving riches.

Remedy for Guru Chandal Dosh

When performed by vamtantra sadhaks in conjunction with tantric rituals, chandal yog puja serves as an excellent cure, or guru chandal dosh kavach, for people who have this yoga as well as those who are affected negatively by retrograde Jupiter in their horoscopes. Go to this puja if you are experiencing the main and sub-periods of Jupiter and Rahu or Ketu or vice versa. Their issues are lessened and the advantages of these planets are increased by the Guru Chandal Yog Shanti puja.

Amount Spent on Chandal Yog Shanti

This puja costs 15000 INR (fifteen thousand only) to conduct. In addition to Shri Ganesh Kalash sthapan poojanam, pranprathista, sodasoupchar poojanam, guru Graha poojanam, Rahu Graha poojanam, Vishnu poojanam, maa tara mantra Japa, purnahut, Homam, and visarjan, Guruchandal dosh nivaran puja lasts for 11 to 15 days. In addition to these, we also perform Shri Chandaal Yog Yantra Poojanam and any other particular tantrik Poojan as needed.

We need the following information from you for the Guru Chandal Yog Shanti Puja:

Name of the individual for whom the puja must be conducted in full.

  • Daddy’s name.
  • born on date
  • location of birth
  • Age at birth.
  • Additional Details
  • Phone number.

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*Any poojas and rituals performed on these auspicious days are of utmost importance to obtain blessings and prosperity for every member of the family. To succeed, nine planets are worshipped, and to fully energise each planet, the greatest amount of power is generated from that planet. The purpose of special Tantrik Pujas, which are exclusively conducted at midnight, is to get rid of ego and negativity, which impede both spiritual and material advancement. Tantrik rituals are carried out primarily for world peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. People desire protection against bad, foes, and adversity while experiencing extreme joy and success.

Tantra sadhaks do the aforementioned poojas while upholding absolute sanctity and combining Vedic/tantrik rites for quick results.

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