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Shukra Graha

Shukra Graha

Asuras revere Shukracharya as their spiritual leader. When in harmony, the astrological planet Shukra (Venus) is in charge of bringing all comforts into a person’s life. Venus is the rashi lord of Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra), and she is seen as benevolent. In Meena (Pisces), it is exalted, and in Kanya (Virgo), it is weakened. The Sun and Moon are considered unfriendly and neutral to other planets, but Mercury and Saturn are seen as favourable to Shukra. Shukra stands for female characteristics, riches, opposite sex, pleasure, and reproduction as well as love, romance, and sexuality. It also represents the great arts, including music, dancing, painting, and sculpture. People with strong Shukra in their charts are more inclined to value nature and value peaceful relationships. Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purva Ashadha are the three nakshatras, or lunar mansions, that Shukra rules. White is the colour of the shaku, silver is the metal, and diamond is the jewel. He faces southeast, it’s spring, and water is his element. Rice, curd, and makhana are meals.

Problems owing to evil Venus’s Shukra Graha

Those who have a malefic venus graha are affected by:

Ovarian illnesses, menstruation issues, abortions, etc. Weakening of the sexual organs, exudation of semen, collapse of the business, significant financial loss, destitution, and debt disruption of family life, disrupted marriages, and defamation due to sex scandals financial and automobile losses

Graha Shukra remedies

The best shukra graha cures, in addition to general remedies, are as follows, according to mahavidhya:

  • Graha Shanti Shukra Puja
  • Shukra Graha Powerized Siddha Yantra Puja
  • Shukra graha’s power-augmented Suraksha kavach dharanam
  • Shukra graha’s poojan of power-infused herbs
  • Shukra graha is a powerful spiritual art that must be preserved.


Shukra Graha Shanti Tantrik Puja is prior to next.

To lessen the negative consequences of Shukra and increase the advantages of Shukra Graha, Mahavidhya suggests and performs Shukra Graha Shanti Puja. In order to protect against the harmful effects of shukra, its pooja is performed. For instance, this pooja is thought to bestow blessings upon all. Shukra bestows kalyana yoga (marriage, auspicious events, rituals), vahana yoga (vehicle for the native), and griha yoga (purchasing of a house). Shukra bestows great prosperity and health upon his followers. The majority of those who are influenced by Venus will experience wealth and prosperity at extraordinary heights. Rs 15000 was spent on the Mahavidhya Venus Graha Shanti Puja.

Benefits of Tantrik Venus Graha Puja

The following are some areas where Tantrik Venus(shukra) Graha Shanti Puja is particularly effective to achieve financial stability and prosperity. To advance commercial interests, increase material prosperity, enhance love and happiness, encourage frequent sexual activity, and foster harmonious family relationships for the general advancement of materialism,to lessen the negative impact of venus’s illness the significance of Venus Graha Puja and Daan in astrology.

According to us, Venus or shukra puja is very significant astrologically. It is advised to perform the shukra puja and daan for those experiencing the malefic or retrograde venus (shukra) mahadasha and antardasha in order to lessen their level of suffering. This puja is beneficial for those who have daridra yoga and Napunsak Dosha in their horoscope. People who are suffering greatly because of malefic or retrograde Venus should perform the dus mahavidya ma kamala puja.

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*Any poojas and rituals performed on these auspicious days are of utmost importance to obtain blessings and prosperity for every member of the family. To succeed, nine planets are worshipped, and to fully energise each planet, the planet’s greatest power is generated.The purpose of special Tantrik Pujas, which are exclusively conducted at midnight, is to get rid of ego and negativity, which impede both spiritual and material advancement. Tantrik rituals are carried out primarily for world peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. People want protection against evil, foes, and adversity while being blessed with great joy and riches.

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