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Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Unquestionably one of the most dreaded doshas in a horoscope, pitra dosh can cause issues and disasters for the native in all areas of his life.

The emergence of pitra dosh can result in several difficulties and tragedies for the individual as well as the entire family. Vamtantra sadhaks do pitra dosh nivaran puja to lessen the bad effects of pitra dosha in a person’s horoscope.

The Pitra Dosh Puja heals illnesses that have been plaguing the locals for a long time and ensures their continued good health. By gaining the blessings of your ancestors, the Pitru dosha nivaran mantra helps you overcome all obstacles in life. Pitra Dosh Puja draws in forces that encourage a wealth of goodness in life.

There are numerous Pitra Dosha Nivaran rites, and properly performing them is crucial.

Therefore, the first step in doing Pitra Dosh nivaran pooja for a native is to identify the planet or planets that create this flaw in his horoscope. Then, you can perform pooja for the Pitra Dosh created by that planet.

Describe Pitra Dosh.

How does pitra dosh develop? A person’s horoscope has Pitra dosh because of the prior terrible karmas of his ancestors. Simply said, he must experience the suffering that has been predetermined for those karmic activities in order to atone for his crimes. This will go on until the individual with the pitru dosha experiences enough suffering or completes enough good deeds to pay off their karmic obligations. In this materialistic world, just as a child inherits his forefathers’ possessions and debts, the deceased likewise receive the consequences of their past karma.

How to Recognise Pitra Dosh in a Kundli or Horoscope

The sins done by ancestors are connected to the Pitra Dosha generated in a horoscope. To resolve the issues caused by the relevant planet(s) that are causing Pitra Dosha in a person’s horoscope, they must be appeased. If not, Pitru Dosha’s effects will continue to be visible in future generations’ birth charts.

When the ninth house is influenced by malefic planets or the ninth house ruler is somewhere placed in a malefic or retrograde position, pitra dosh is shown in our horoscope.

This dosha in the horoscope is also brought on by specific planetary placements of the sun, moon, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mercury, and their unfavourable or retrograde effects. For some lagnas, the sun, mars, and Saturn may act as a yoga kark to cause pitra dosha.

If pitra dosh is found in a person’s kundli, it should be eliminated right away by having a vamtantra execute the pitra dosh nivaran puja.

Pitra dosh has negative affects on a person’s bodily and mental health, causing illness or insanity. The effects of pitra dosha on people can include: Pitra dosha increases the likelihood that one will experience a protracted sickness, whether it be for oneself or a family member. The family frequently deals with the consequences of black magic and bad spirits. A person will therefore be unhealthy.

Pitra dosha’s negative effects on education and career

Consistent failure in exams, a lack of interest in learning for higher education, an effort that falls short of expectations, and failure and losses in both education and employment all contribute to a lack of success. Recurrent loss of employment, obstacles to promotion, and career damage.

Pitru dosha’s negative effects on love and marriage

His or her relationship with the spouse or other person they love would suffer because of Pitra dosha. One of the negative effects of pitra dosha is the delay in marriage. Other negative effects include the strain of married life, infertility (problem conceiving a child), repeated miscarriages, the death of children while they are still young, defective putra yog, discord between the couple, extramarital affairs, and divorce.

Pitra dosha’s negative effects on prosperity and riches include a lack of financial success and stability, massive debt that drives a person into extreme poverty, difficulties operating a business, difficulties receiving financial rewards, and issues acquiring and preserving inherited wealth.

Pitra Dosh cure: how to get rid of pitra dosh

Mahavidhya advises you to get Pitra Dosh Nivaran tantrik Puja conducted as soon as possible if any of the aforementioned problems or ills are deeply unsettling or upsetting you.

Removal Of Pitra Dosha By Amavasya Daan

This dosha’s effects are lessened on any amavasya by ann and vastra daan. In order to drive away pitra dosh, blanket daan has a unique significance, especially on the night of Pushya Amavasya. People who are camped out by the sides of the road should receive this daan. This daan is helpful for reducing the bad effects of the grahas Ketu, Shani, and Rahu as well as the pitra dosha.

For the pitra dosh nivaran, Pitra Dosh Puja

Positivity for progress would be received by descendants of those who perform pitru dosha puja for their forefathers. The pitra/forefathers grant the descendent their blessings as well in order to assist him materially. The removal of the physical barriers or issues can substantially aid the person’s spiritual growth. This pitru dosha nivarana by vamtantra is extremely effective in eradicating its detrimental effects on health and treating critical illnesses. The goal of this is to aid in the recovery from chronic illnesses and other physical problems. People who are constantly ill should perform the vamtantra tantrik pitra dosh nivaran pooja for a speedy recovery.

This pooja is particularly excellent for Protection from Evils and Enemies and Success in Business or Career.

Additionally, vamtantra advises those who are experiencing the main and sub periods of Jupiter (Brahaspati mahadasha and antardasha) to perform the pitra dosh puja in order to lessen their level of suffering or debt.

Tantric Pitra dosh Nivaran Puja costs

It costs 15000INR (fifteen thousand rupees) for Vamtantra tantrik pitra dosha nivaran puja and Daan to be performed by vamtantra sadhaks.

Please give us the following information for the Puja.

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