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Reasons Why Batuk Bhairav Puja Could Be So Beneficial


Reasons Why Batuk Bhairav Puja Could Be So Beneficial!

Bhairav Nath or Lord Shiva’s child form is worshipped as Batuk Bhairav. Batuk Bhairav is among the most worshipped forms of Lord Bhairon.

Batuk Bhairav Puja is a holy ritual of pleasing Lord Batuk Bhairav to receive His blessings in order to have good health, wealth and harmonious relations in life.

Batuk Bhairav Puja removes all hurdles and confers divine protection and makes him/her emerge victorious over all enemies.

Lord Batuk Bhairav puja resonates with the powers & positive frequencies of Lord Shiva and blesses the worshipper with good fortune and fulfillment of desires.

Batuk Bhairav Puja blesses a person with great health and protects from ailments that as per malefic planetary influences are slated to appear in the future.

The Miracle Of Lord Batuk Bhairav Puja

Lord Bhatuk bhairav is worshipped for safe and healthy living of children. The child for whom the ritual is performed gets a positive effect in his or her mind, body, and soul. The following are some reasons in which this puja’s proves to be very effective.

Chronic Diseases

Children often have acute, short-term illnesses such as upper respiratory tract or ear infections, gastrointestinal illness with vomiting and diarrhea, or injury-related problems.

However, some children develop chronic illness (lasting for years or even lifelong) as a result of genetic (inherited) conditions, environmental factors, or a combination of both.

For families, having a child who has a chronic health condition can lead to loss of their hope for an “ideal” child, neglected siblings, major expense and time commitment, confusion caused by conflicting systems of health care management, lost opportunities (eg, family members providing primary care to the child are therefore unable to return to work), and social isolation. Siblings may resent the extra attention the ill child receives.

Whenever we and our loved ones are suffering from untreated and chronic long diseases, it could become the reason of mental stress and anxiety as well in our lives. With Mahavidya batuk bhairav puja, its divine energies touch your child and work on the body, mind, and soul.

Lord Batuk Bhairav Puja As Shield Against Evil Eye

The evil eye is cast upon those who are unaware. It is a hostile glare. The evil eye may be viewed as a curse. One type of Evil eye is unconscious evil eyes. These may harm people and things, without intending to. Another type intends to harm and the third one is unseen, hidden evil which is the most scared one. There are many cultures that hold the belief that when the evil eye is received by another, injury or misfortune may be cast upon the receiver of the evil eye.
It is said that infants and children are more susceptible to the evil eye just because of their youth and innocence. Publicly praising a child is supposedly said to draw attention of the evil eye.
Evil eye is considered as the negative energy that can cause harm to you. It is believed that the gaze from an evil eye can disturb your energy fields and thus causing harm or discomfort. It is believed that since babies have a weaker energy field, they are more susceptible to evil eye.

Childhood Enemies

Having a mutual enemy is linked modestly to various problems for children and teens, such as aggression, peer rejection, and lower academic achievement, although it’s not clear which causes what

While it’s normal for children to have preferences for interacting with some peers more than others, the negative intensity of childhood enemy relationships seems unhealthy and certainly unkind. Unfortunately, addressing childhood enemy relationships can be tricky.

With the help of batuk bhairav puja children start viewing their enemy in a more compassionate way, let go of intense dislike, can decide to forgive the enemy and move on.

To Clear Competitive Exams

In the current aggressive environment, modern youth with exaggerated zeal and fighting disposition struggles to accomplish their interests. Getting an entry into a reputed college and getting a cherished job is not easy. It all depends upon your score and rank. Clearing a variety of examinations become one of the most important reasons behind stress and anxiety in youth. Even though determination and hard work are needed, God’s grace is necessary at each step to conquer the challenges.

Conducting batuk bhairava puja helps children achieve their dreams and clear competitive and challenging exams. This puja bestows the power of great and constant diligence and attention to excel in their careers and businesses.

To Excel in Sports

In this day and age, a career in sports is not limited to becoming an athlete or a sportsperson. Your child could have a successful career contributing to a specific sport in various ways. There are various sports career options and job opportunities available in the sports industry. However, there are some qualities your child needs to have to be successful in the field of sports. To win a competition he needs mental as well as physical strength. Mahavidya Lord batuk bhairav puja bestows an individual with resistance power to win over his competitors, physical strength, Temperament, winning attitude, Confidence, the power to overcome injuries, analytical abilities, willingness to listen, readiness to work hard, positivity. Apart from this, he becomes passionate and cautious of time – much required attributes in a sportsperson.

Lord Batuka Bhairava For Good Health

If your child is suffering from any health issues and even after a lot of medical treatment or he/she is facing troubles in life, this batuka bhairava puja can help you to fix all sorts of problems. But, sometimes the fluctuating health of your child can put you in a state of constant worry. However, at times like this along with the help of a doctor, you need the blessings of almighty God.

Good Education

Batuk Bhairav Puja blesses children with a sharp mind along with focus & concentration. When there are constant hurdles and obstacles in the educational path and career of students and learners, parents should immediately go for Lord bhatuk bhairav puja.

Other Reason’s for performing lord batuk bhairav puja

Victory in Court Cases

Of course, the facts of the case, prior preparation as well as the Lawyer hold great significance to achieve to win but at times, in spite of the best efforts, a person loses a case even when justice should be rightfully on his side. Hence, it is always sensible to appease the planets as well as the Deity concerned with Law & Justice.

For legal issues, you must offer your prayers to Lord Batuk bhairav along with maa baglamukhi. With Lord batuk bhairav puja there is considerable certainty of getting victory, protection, power, and dominance over your enemies. When you worship him with all your dedication, he will not only help you achieve success in your legal formalities but can even help you pacify major fights.

Protection From Enemies

If some person is hurting your life, not letting you live with peace then don’t worry, batuk bhairav puja is very effective and powerful to destroy enemies. This puja not only gives freedom from any kind of enemy schemes; but also to punish those planning and implementing such schemes against you.

To remove obstacles in purchasing or acquiring an ancestral property

If you are facing property disputes and other problems associated with purchasing property, then the best option is to seek divine blessings of lord batuk bhairav. Lord batuk bhairav Puja and Yajna is a very powerful and extensive Puja using which disputes related to ancestral property and other problems associated with it can be solved in one’s favor. Lord batuk bhairav blesses his devotees with the power of victory and success over adversaries and hence is worshiped in all matters associated with land and property.

To Get Job Promotions

There are some highly powerful puja’s that can help you realize your professional aspirations. Lord bhatuk bhairav puja is one of them. It helps to overcome the tough times and get the matching position for your abilities and interests.

Continuous Suffering Due to Childlessness

Childlessness has major psychological and social implications for affected persons, multitude of adverse consequences suffered by affected individuals.

If you’re sad, anxious, longingly waiting for the moment of conception. In spite of great efforts, you are not able to conceive or face complications during your delivery. Having a little one to love and to hold, to care for, to cherish the role of a mother seems distant then mahavidhya lord batuk bhairav Puja is the ultimate solution.

Batuk Bhairav Puja

Vamtantra sadhaks conduct Lord Batuk Bhairav Puja on your behalf that invokes the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav. The expenses for this puja is 25000 INR. It is done for 21 days at a spiritual holy place.

What better gift can you give to your near and dear ones, than making sure that they live a prosperous and secure life by receiving the blessings of Lord Batuk Bhairav.

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