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Ketu Graha

Ketu Graha

Ketu is associated with the culmination of karmic accumulations—both good and bad—as well as with spiritual and paranormal forces and happenings.

Ketu is exalted in the rashi of Scorpio (vrischika) and debilitated in the rashi of Taurus (vrishabha). It is advantageous in the dhanu (Sagittarius) and unfavourable in the mithun (Gemini) rashis.

Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu are all friendly planets to Ketu. Jupiter is indifferent to Ketu. Mars, the Sun, and the Moon are his foes. Indicators of intelligence, knowledge, non-attachment, fantasy, perceptive insight, mental instability, and psychic powers include Ketu. Three lunar mansions, or nakshatras, are ruled by Ketu: Ashvini, Magha, and Mula.

Characteristics of the Ketu Planet

Ketu represents the spiritual refining of the materialisation of spirit. Inflicting grief and loss while also leading the person to God, it is regarded as both malefic and benefic. In other words, it costs money in order to have the person adopt a more spiritual perspective. The element is earth, the metal is mica, and the direction it corresponds to is the South Lunar Node. Horse gramme is the food grain.

Effects of Malefic Ketu Graha

People who are affected by the malevolent Ketu experience:

incidents and operations

  • avoidable depression
  • inability to concentrate, unending anxiousness
  • issues relating to ghosts
  • dread of robbery, unhealthy habits, shame, and property loss
  • remedies for putra dosham ketu

Ketu Treatments

How can you please Ketu? In addition to general remedies, the following are the best ketu remedies according to vamtantra:


Powered Ketu Graha Siddha Yantra Puja Powered Ketu graha’s Suraksha Kavach Dharanam

Powered herbs for the Ketu Graha poojan

Ketu graha’s powered spiritual art must be preserved.


Ketu Graha Shanti Tantra Previous Pooja

To lessen Ketu’s negative impacts and increase the advantages of Ketu Graha, Vamtantra suggests and performs Ketu Graha Shanti Puja. Its pooja is performed to serve as a shield against Ketu’s negative impacts. This pooja is thought to heal illnesses brought on by poisons, eliminate the effects of snakebites, and provide prosperity to the devotee’s family. Ketu bestows wealth and health on his followers. The majority of the great heights that those who are influenced by Ketu can reach are spiritual. Vamtantra ketu graha shanti puja costs 12,000 Indian rupees.

Benefits of Ketu Graha Shanti :

  • to defeat foes or enemies
  • To safeguard against any unfavourable situation or harmful effects
  • for general spiritual and material advancement
  • To lessen the negative effects of the ill Ketu
  • To shield oneself from accidents and bad luck

Daan and Ketu Graha Puja have astrological significance.

According to us, Ketu puja is quite important astrologically. It is advised that those going through the malefic ketu mahadasha and antardasha’s main and sub periods perform ketu danam and puja to lessen their suffering.People who are suffering greatly as a result of malefic ketu should perform the vamtantra das mahavidya maa dhumavati puja.

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