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Dhanteras Puja with Powerful Tantric Rituals For Wealth & Health


Dhanteras Puja with Powerful Tantric Rituals

Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi is one of the auspicious religious ceremonies performed on the first day of Diwali puja and rituals. It is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha in the Hindu month of Kartik (October/November) also known as Dhantrayodashi or Dhanvantari Triodasi.

Dhanteras Puja For Wealth

Dhan means “wealth” and triyodashi means the thirteenth lunar day of Kartik month, on this day Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped along with lord kuber for a contented state of being happy, gaining material wealth and success.

Dhanteras puja helps to increase the flow of finances and the ability to gather immense wealth. Being triyodashi of the lunar fortnight this auspicious day endorsed as pradosh puja of lord shiva gives double benefit in the form of blessings from lord shiva as well as lord kuber and mata Laxmi.

Lord Shiva granted kingship of Yakshas to lord kuber and made him “Lord of wealth” (Dhanadhipati) after so many years of his prayers and offerings to lord shiva . Puja on this special occasion of goddess laxmi and lord kuber by mahavidhya helps to build up both material and spiritual wealth.

Expenses for Dhanteras laxmi kuber tantric puja for immense wealth and prosperity are 15000INR(fifteen thousand only). Apart from these we also conduct Shree laxmi kuber yantra poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement in the 2nd and 11th house of the horoscope.

Dhanteras Pooja Date 2022

Friday, 22nd Oct 2022.

Dhantrayodashi Dhanvantari puja – First Day of Diwali

The first-day festival, Dhanteras pooja or Dhanwantari Triodasi is celebrated in honor of Lord Dhanvantari, the physician of the gods and an incarnation of Vishnu. This auspicious day is also celebrated as Dhanvantari Jayanti.

Special Dhanvantari pujas and homams are performed every year by Vamtantra on the birthday of lord dhanvantari. Apart from this tantra sadhaks also conduct dhanvantari puja on the auspicious days of Ashtami, Ekadashi, trayodasi, Amavasya and Monday of every month.

The significance of Dhanteras puja

Dhanteras puja conducted by Mahavidhya gives the following benefits:

  • Beneficial for overall health and psychological problems.
  • Protects children health hazards
  • To recover from chronic diseases and other body ailments
  • For long life, vital energy and restoring to a more youthful condition

Dhanvantari Jayanti Rituals

On the auspicious day of Dhanvantari Jayanti tantric puja is carried out grandly by mahavidhya sadhaks. The following program will be carried out.

  • Guru Vandana
  • Guru Poojan
  • Shiva poojanam
  • Special Dhanvantari Abhishekam
  • Pushpa Arpanam
  • Dhanvantari Shringar and Alankaram
  • Ganapathy, Navagraha, Aavahan puja and Homam
  • Sri Dhanvantari tantric Mool Mantra, Dhanvantari Maha pooja Yagya
  • Purnahuti
  • Deep Daan
  • Prasad distribution

On Dhanvantari Jayanti bal bhairav Puja for a minimum of 11 boys up to the age of 12 years are worshipped as a personification of God bal bhairav. They are served food and presented with new clothes and other things.

Dhanvantari Jayanti Puja

Special Dhanvantari puja is carried out on Dhanteras day known as Dhanvantari Jayanti. All the devotees who are interested may contact immediately to get the maximum benefit of conducting Dhanvantari puja on this special day dedicated to Lord Dhanvantari to receive his bountiful blessings.

Dhanteras pooja purifies your yesteryear sins and also acts as a remedy for removal of all doshas/Graha giving health-related troubles. Expenses for Dhanvantari Jayanti Dhanteras puja are 11000 INR(eleven thousand only).

Dhanvantari tantric puja for health

Expenses for Dhanvantari Tantrik puja – for health is  15000 INR(fifteen thousand only). Apart from these we also conduct Shree Dhanvantari yantra poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement in 2nd, 6th, 8th and 12th house of the horoscope. This puja will continue for eleven days starting from dhanteras day.

Dhantrayodashi- Yam Deep Daan

This Day of Dhanteras is also known as the day of “YAMADEEPDAAN” and lamps are kept burning throughout the night exhibiting respect to Yam, the god of death. After Yam Dev is worshipped, a lamp is lit facing south and placed at the entrance of a house. Premature death can be avoided by worshipping him on this day.

Mahavidhya yam deep daan puja eradicates all ill-effects of Black magic, Evil spells, Curses, Ghosts and Spirits and protects from untimely death/ akal mrityu. It cures one of the evil effects of past attacks and protects one from all future attacks and maran prayog. Expenses for yam pooja on dhanteras are 15000 INR.

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