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Grahan Dosh

Grahan Dosh

It is known as permanent grahan yoga in one’s kundli when the sun, moon, and rahu or ketu are conjunct in any house in a person’s horoscope.

In addition, this period is known as the grahan dosh effective period whenever the antardasha of Rahu or Ketu occurs during the mahadasa of the sun and moon, and vice versa. Rahu and Ketu act as a powerful ecliptor that reduces the beneficial or favourable influence of the planets sun and moon since they are shadow planets with considerable force or effect.

As a result, if the native is affected by the planetary phases of the Sun, Moon, Rahu, or Ketu during significant years of his age, he may experience the strongest negative impacts of Grahan Yoga.

Practically speaking, Rahu or Ketu through Grahan Yoga may damage the general as well as special importance of Sun or Moon.

According to Vamtantra, everyone born on or close to a surya or chandra grahan date is expected to perform the grahan yoga puja.

Surya Grahan Yoga grahan yog nivaran for Sun Rahu/Ketu Conjunction

Depending on the sign of placement of this grahan dosh as well as the general tone of the horoscope, Surya Grahan Yoga may worry the native with a variety of problems relating to a wide range of areas of his life.

  • obstacles in their various career domains that prevented them from becoming well-known, getting ahead, etc.
  • Even the best efforts are ineffective, and overall growth stagnates.
  • issues with conception, frequent miscarriages, and defective putra yog.
  • Chronic skin and/or heart conditions in adults or children.
  • dealing with persistent and ongoing issues.
  • Experiencing defamation that has unknown origins makes you extremely frustrated.
  • Treatments for Moon Rahu/Ketu Conjunction in Chandra Grahan Yoga

What results from practising grahan yoga?

There is a vast number of issues that this Grahan Dosh is causing, some of which are listed here.

  • Grahan yoga puts undue strain on the body.
  • emotional immaturity, lack of confidence, poor recall, and carelessness.
  • Additionally, it causes personality issues, a decline in leadership ability, and disorganised thinking.
  • Hallucinations and schizophrenia are caused by the Moon’s association with Rahu because of the latter’s propensity for lying and inventing things that don’t exist.
  • During this time, illnesses related to breathing difficulties, the chest, the lungs, and mental depression get worse.
  • A person instills in oneself a self-destructive nature that causes suicidal tendencies.
  • the emotion that comes with the sensation of having your aims blocked.
  • cures using grahan dosh nivaran tantrik puja and grahan yoga

As one of the most effective grahan yoga cures, Vamtantra performs grahan dosh shanti tantrik puja in order to lessen the unfavourable effects of the sun and moon brought on by grahan yoga and to increase the advantages of the surya and chandra graha. Vamtantra grahan yoga nivaran tantrik puja costs 11,000 Indian rupees.

We need the following information from you for the grahan yoga Puja.

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  • Father’s name.
  • born on date
  • location of birth
  • Age at birth.
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