Santaan Prapti Puja


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Pashupatinath, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, has been a benevolent force for humanity since ancient times. Santan prapti Pashupatinath Puja ensures human birth in every life, granting fertility to struggling couples. This powerful Puja also offers protection from enemies and negative energies, bringing peace to troubled minds.

Benefits of Santan Prapti Pashupatinath Puja

  1. Fertility Blessings: Santaan Prapti Pashupatinath Puja bestows blessings to couples struggling with conceiving a child, increasing their chances of having a baby.
  2. Human Birth Assurance: By performing this Puja, one is believed to be guaranteed a human birth in every life, preventing rebirth as an animal.
  3. Protection from Negativity: The powerful Puja helps individuals ward off the influence of enemies and negative energies, bringing a sense of security.
  4. Inner Peace and Calmness: Those facing anger or arrogance issues find solace and tranquility through participating in Santaan Prapti Pashupatinath Puja.

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