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Mahashivratri’s importance

On the fourteenth day of the dark fortnight of the fortunate Hindu month of Phalgun, which always falls on the day with no moon in the months of February or March according to the English calendar, Mahashivratri puja is performed. Even though according to the Hindu calendar, the 14th day of the dark fortnight of every month is recognised as monthly shivratri and shiv poojan is observed. People who want to perform monthly Shiva pujas are recommended to begin doing so on Mahashivratri and keep doing so throughout the entire year.

What time is Mahashivratri?

The date of Maha Shivaratri in 2023 is Saturday, February 18.

Describe Maha Shivratri.

The 14th day of the dark half of the Phalgun month is observed as the Mahashivratri festival puja or Maha Shivaratri day. Shiva Chaudas is another name for Maha Shivaratri. Shiva means “shav,” therefore the fourteenth day of Chaudas is a significant day for shakti poojanam. The day designated for the worship of Shiva and Shakti is known as Mahashivratri. Shiva chaudas stands for the spiritual awakening of consciousness, or enlightenment. Tantric practitioners who practise Mahashivratri learn their “mantras” on this day. The shiv Choudas rites were established long before the first shiv puja. Shivaist performed their puja rites and offered prasadam to ward off evil spirits. On this day, some families observe the Mahashivratri fast while also providing food for their ancestors.

Maha Shivratri worship

Shivratri is celebrated because: The day of Maha Shivaratri is when Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati get married. This evening saw the merging of power shakti and immortal Shiva. Women observe Jaagran and sing hymns and devotional songs honouring Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati on this special festival of Mahashivratri. In order to win the favour of Goddess Parvati as “Gaura” (Gauri poojan), one who bestows with a long and prosperous married life, both married and single women fast for Lord Shiva, perform Shiva-Parvati Puja throughout the entire night, and recite the Shiva mantra for marriage. After the morning aarti and prasad, they break their Mahashivratri fast.

The Importance of Mahashivratri Puja Benefits of Mahashivratri Among the justifications for mahashivratri puja are:

  • Delaying getting married in order to find the mate of your dreams
  • Infertility (a problem conceiving a child) Happy Married
  • a healthy sexual life
  • harmony within the partnership
  • Preventing Divorce
  • to enjoy a happy marriage.

How To Please Lord Shiva? – Tantra Puja on Maha Shivaratri 2020

Tantric Mahashivratri Chaturdashi Puja costs 25000 INR (only twenty five thousand rupees) and contains Shri Shiva & Parvati, nandi and naag poojanam, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony poojanam, namavali, vrihad mantrajapa, purnahut, homam, and visarjan. In addition to these, we also perform mahamrityunjaya yantra poojanam and any other particular tantrik poojan on Maha Shivaratri as per the necessity. If poojas are performed at 12 jyotirlings, there is an additional fee of Rs 5000 (five thousand only).

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for Shiva at Mahashivratri

The Maha Rudrabhishek is specifically conducted to remove one’s sins and woes, to bring about peace, prosperity, and happiness, as well as to foster family unity. Mahashivratri Rudrabhishek is very important. It protects followers from harmful forces and potential hazards. On the day of Mahashivratri, Vamtantra performs the shiv poojan, rudrabhishek, mrityunjaya mantra, and daan. The following are reasons why doing these pujas and rituals on Maha Shivaratri Day is important:

  • to lessen the afflicted moon’s malefic or bad effects.
  • to increase the strength and benefit of Punarvasu, Pushya, and Ashlesha Nakshatras while reducing their negative or evil effects.
  • to be mentally and spiritually sound.

It is advised to perform the shiv poojan, rudrabhishek, and daan on Maha Shivaratri in order to lessen the amount of pain or debt experienced by those who are going through the main and sub periods of Shani, Rahu, and Ketu (mahadasha and antardasha).

It costs 51000 INR (fifty one thousand only) to perform the Maha Shivaratri Pooja, Maha Rudrabhishek, Mrityunjaya Mantra, and Daan, which includes Shri Shiva and Parvati, Nandi and Naag Poojanam, Pranprathista, Panchopchar Poojanam, Namavali, Vrihad Lord Shiva Mantra Japa, Purnahut, and Homam. This puja will begin on the day of Maha Shivaratri and last for the following 11 days.

The importance of Mahashivratri Puja according to Maha Mrityunjaya Anusthan and Daan

How to Win the Favour of Lord Shiva One of the most potent yagyas stated in the Rig Veda and Shiv Puraan, Maha Mrityunjaya is thought to have the ability to revive even a person who is on the verge of death. To safeguard the sick person or to prevent premature death/akaal mrityu, the Maha Mrityunjay puja is offered to Lord Shiva. During Mahashivratri, Maha mrityunjay also guards against other calamities and any evil spirits or tones. During this Jaap Yagya, particular emphasis is placed on how important Shiva worship is. It takes a group of priests or pandits 15 days to complete this lengthy procession, and on the last day, Havan or Homam is performed.

On Mahashivrati Day, Vamtantra performs the Mahamrityunjaya Anusthan and Daan, which has the greatest benefit of saving a life.

Shivaratri is celebrated as Mahamrityunjaya Anushthan expenses

Expenses for mahamrityunjaya anusthan and daan is 75000 INR(seventy five thousand only) which includes Shri shiv & parvati, nandi and naag poojanam, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony poojanam, namavali, mahamrityunjaya mantra japa, purnahut, homam and visarjan. In addition to these, we also do mahamrityunjaya yantra poojanam and any other particular tantrik pooja on Mahashivratri as necessary. If poojas are performed at 12 jyotirlings, there is an additional fee of 5000 INR (only 5000).

Maha Shivaratri Aghor Tantrik Anusthan: Rudrabhishekam to appease Lord Shiva

Mahashivratri has special meaning because on this auspicious night, people pray fervently to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in order to obtain their blessings. Consecrated chants of Lord Shiva and Parvati are performed on Mahashivratri night together with the aghor tantra mantra as part of the aghor tantra rituals. For quick and efficient outcomes, Vamtantra performs aghor tantra rituals at the tantrik anusthan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Following the tantrik anusthan on Mahashivratri, Vamtantra prepares aghor raksha kavach for people as a means of protecting them from interpersonal conflicts, depression, and tragedy. Additionally, they are shielded from company failure, physical decline, mental incapacity, and early death. On Maha Shivaratri, the vamtantra aghor raksha kavach ritual also purges the body of all the negative effects of black magic, evil spells, curses, ghosts, and spirits. It heals one from the negative effects of previous assaults and shields one from all assaults in the future and maran prayog.

The cost of the Shivratri Aghor Tantrik Anusthan is 25000 INR (twenty five thousand only), which covers the aghor vidhi puja of Shri Shiva and Parvati, the nandi and naag poojan, the pranprathista, the namavali, the vrihad shiv aghor mantrajapa, the purnahut, the homam, and the visarjan. Apart from these we also conduct aghor suraksha yantra poojanam and any other specific tantrik pooja as per the requirement. This will begin on Maha Shivratri and last for the following 11 days.

Kaal sarp Dosha Nivaran’s Mahashivratri Puja

By participating in the special kaalsarp dosha nivaran mahashivratri puja led by vamtantra, you can eliminate the bad effects of the kaalsarp dosha and get productive results. On Mahashivratri, we obtain the blessings of our ancestors by doing kaalsarp pooja. Childless couples and persons facing hindrance in getting monetary benefits when perform mahashivratri puja for kaal sarp dosha are benefited to a great extent. This pooja is specifically suitable for Success in Business or Career , Protection from Evils and Enemies.

The expense to conduct Kaalsarp Puja on Maha Shivaratri Expenses for Special Mahashivratri Puja for Kaalsarp dosha nivarana is 15000INR(fifteen thousand only) which includes Shri shiv & parvati, naag poojanam, rahu-ketu graha shanti, pranprathista, shodashopachar or sixteen step puja ceremony poojanam, namavali, vrihad mantrajapa, purnahut, homam and visarjan. This puja will start from maha shivratri day and will continue for next 15 days.

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*Any pooja’s and rituals done on these auspicious occasions plays prime importance to seek blessings and good fortune for all family members. Nine planets are worshiped to achieve success and the maximum power is generated from a particular planet to get it fully energized. Special Tantrik Puja’s which is performed only at midnight are done to remove ego and negativeness that hamper spiritual and material growth. Tantrik rituals are performed essentially for general happiness, health, wealth, and peace. People are blessed with intense joy, prosperity and seek protection against evil, enemies and adversities.

All the above poojas are done by tantra sadhaks by maintaining pure sanctity and incorporating vedic/tantrik rituals to get fast results.

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