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Makar Sakranti

Makar Sakranti

14 January is Makar Sankranti

Every year on January 14, people celebrate the Makar Sankranti celebration. One of the luckiest festivals, Makar Sankranti is observed in practically all regions of the nation, bringing good fortune and auspicious conditions. On this festival, several states observe various names and various traditions. Makar Sankranti marks the Sun’s change from the sign of Sagittarius to the sign of Capricorn during the winter solstice. The Sun’s northward journey (from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana) is revered and lucky. On Sankranti, performing pious acts like as bathing in a sacred river, worshipping to a deity, fasting, and giving alms are all highly revered. Khichadi, a rice and lentil dish, is another name for Makar Sankranti. On Sankranti, eating khichadi provides relief from numerous graha doshas.

Daan and Sankranti Puja

Lord Surya is the focus of the principal pujas and rituals performed on Sankranti.

On the day of Sankranti, a special “shree Satyanarayan katha path” with Shree Surydev graha shanti puja and daan is performed.There are held specific prayers for Suryadev, the Gayatri Mantra, and the Aditya Hridayam Strotra patha.

Special pujas and daans to empower the shree Suryantra.

During Makar Sakranti, Vamtantra performs Shri Satyanarayana katha/puja for each person and their family in order to please Lord Mahavishnu. prayers made to Lord Mahavishnu that are read in order to fulfil one’s goals and objectives. People who are interested in performing this Shri Satyanarayana katha/puja on every monthly sankranti are advised that makar sankranti marks the start of the annual sankranti puja, which is then performed each month on the day of the sankranti, with lamps being lit at intersections, beneath peepal trees, in temples, etc. On the day of Makar Sankranti, Lord Saligrama—”the divine incarnation of Mahavishnu”—and Lord Sun are revered. On this night, Vamtantra also introduces the tantrik mantra to those who wish to learn tantra and to those who are new to tantra.

Daan and Suryanarayana

According to vamtantra, the Surya Puja is very significant astrologically. It is advised to perform Surya Puja and Daan on Makar Sankranti in order to lessen the amount of suffering experienced by people going through Surya mahadasha and antardasha or Shani antardasa in Surya mahadasa or Shani antardasa in Surya mahadasa. By performing this puja, those who have surya grahan yog and nissantan yog in their horoscope would benefit. Vamtantra also advises anybody interested in activating purta yog in their horoscope to perform this puja.

Dosh Nivaran Puja for Surya

As advised by Vamtantra, those who were born close to the surya grahan dates or on the surya grahan day must perform this surya puja. It is advised that people of all rashis perform the surya grahan shanti puja if they desire to become well-known and advance in their respective industries. 11000 Indian rupees were spent on the Vamtantra Surya Grahan Dosh Nivaran Puja.

Surya Graha Shanti Puja on Sankranti

Surya graha is one of our navgrahas with the highest conceivable intensity. It moves across the cosmos and affects people. To lessen the negative impacts of retrograde Sun and Saturn and to increase the benefits of the surya graha, vamtantra performs surya graha shanti puja. On Makar Sankranti, Vamtantra performs a puja for the sun planet in an effort to bring about good health, wealth, and vision. Vamtantra Surya Graha Shanti Puja costs 12,000 INR.

Surya Puja known as Vishist Vamtantra

In this case, the vamtantra performs the grahan dosh nivaran puja as well as the vamtantra surya graha shanti. The total cost of the combination puja is 15,000 INR.

Issues Caused by Malefic Sun

  • Name and fame decline.
  • a loss of prominence.
  • career or job loss.
  • lack of assurance.
  • a loss of ancestors’ assets.
  • Conflict between father and son.
  • heart conditions.
  • the heart rate.
  • Skin conditions.
  • Childlessness.

Benefits of Sankranti Surya Graha tantrik puja

For each person, Vamtantra performs a Special Tantrik Puja in order to protect them from acute and chronic illnesses as well as to prevent premature death (akaal mrityu). Additionally, it safeguards individuals from all potential dangers as well as any bad spirit or jadoo tona. Surya graha shanti puja performed by Vamtantra tantriks is highly useful for obtaining success in the following areas:

  • to be in good physical and mental health.
  • to create advantageous circumstances or places.
  • to achieve a successful career and service growth.
  • to be well-known and famous.
  • to reduce the damaging effects of the affected sun.
  • to establish a positive relationship between a father and a son.
  • for outstanding outcomes and students’ higher education.

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  • Father’s name.
  • born on date
  • location of birth
  • Age at birth.
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Any rituals and poojas performed on these auspicious days are of utmost importance to obtain blessings and good fortune for every member of the family. To succeed, nine planets are worshipped, and to fully energise each planet, the planet’s greatest power is generated. The purpose of special Tantrik Pujas, which are exclusively conducted at midnight, is to get rid of ego and negativity, which impede both spiritual and material advancement. Tantrik rituals are carried out primarily for world peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. People want protection against evil, foes, and adversity while being blessed with great joy and riches.

Tantra sadhaks do the aforementioned poojas while upholding absolute sanctity and adding tantric/vedic rituals for quick results.

Only your faith, trust, and belief produce the best outcomes.

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