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Mangal Grah

Mangal Grah

Mangal grah is the action planet of the zodiac, considered as the commander-in-chief of all the nine planets and is personified as the God of War. Mangal is considered a malefic of the first order. He is the rashi lord of Mesha (Aries) and Vrishchika

(Scorpio), is exalted in Makara (Capricorn) and is debilitated in Karka (Cancer). The Sun, Moon and Jupiter are all considered friendly to him, while he is characterized by enmity or ill will towards Mercury. Venus and Saturn are neutral. Mangala is the lord of three nakshatras or lunar mansions: Mrigashirsha, Chitra and Shravishtha or Dhanista.

Mangal Grah Characteristics

Mangal grah stands for physical energy, self-confidence, ego, strength, anger, impulsiveness, heroism and adventurous nature. Mangal graha rules over blood, muscles and bone marrow. He is related with battle, war and soldiers. Mangal grah is associated with: the color red, the metal brass and gemstone red coral. His element is fire, direction is south, season is summer. The food is Pink Lentil(Masoor dal) and jaggery.

  Malefic Or Retrograde Mangal Graha Effects

  People afflicted by malefic mangal grah are stricken with:

  • rise in enemies

  • short tempered, rough in nature, quarrelsome

  • involve himself in malpractices

  • cooperate less in his family

  • suffer from high blood pressure

  • accidents, cuts, wounds and operations

  • problems in sex organs, muscular system, left ear, face, head, sense of taste, pelvis, kidney,bladder, bone marrow, rectum and testicles

  • enemity between brother’s due to malefic mars

  • native will be extravagant and makes his life hell under the influence of anger and rashness

Mangal Graha Remedies

Mangal grah dosha can be rectified on time with tantra remedies in an effort to take pleasure in personal life, harmony in relationships and emotional power.

The following are the powerful remedy for mangal grah apart from general remedies according to vamtantra:

 • Mangal graha shanti puja

 • Powerised Siddha yantra puja of mangal graha

 • Powerised Suraksha kavach dharanam of mangal graha

 • Powerised herbs poojan of mangal graha

 • Powerised spiritual art of mangal graha is to be kept

 Mangal graha dosh nivaran tantrik puja

Mangal graha shanti puja is suggested and conducted by vamtantra to reduce the malefic effects and enhance the benefits of the planet. If giving bad result needs to be appeased well. Pooja for mangal dev is done to achieve control over anger, harmonious family life, protection from accidents and blood related diseases etc. Expenses for Vamtantra mangal graha dosh nivaran tantrik puja Rs 11000.

Mangal Graha Puja Benefits

Tantrik Mangal Graha Puja is very effective for achieving success in the following:

     • It protects from all sorts of blood related diseases

     • To win over enemies/adversaries/lawsuits

      • To eradiacate loans and bring prosperity.

     • To minimize the malefic effect of afflicted mars

     • To get higher position in service

Mangal Grah Puja and Daan astrological importance

Mangal grah or mars puja has great astrological importance according to us. Persons going through the main and sub period of malefic or retrograde mars (mars or mangal mahadasha and antardasha) are suggested to conduct the mangal dev puja and daan so that quantum of suffering is reduced. This puja is needed to overcome powerful obstacles, enemies, accidents, unnatural events etc. Individuals facing lots of hardships due to malefic or retrograde mars should go for dus mahavidya MaBaglamukhi puja.

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