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Shani dhaiya

Shani dhaiya

The Dhaiya, or a transit of Saturn in a specific sign in a horoscope for a period of two and a half years, is a related astrological transit of Saturn like shani sade sati. Saturn’s Dhaiya is considered to be in force for a horoscope when it transits the fourth or eighth sign, counting from the sign where the moon is located in the natal horoscope or birth chart. Small Panoti (Small Trouble), Kantakshani, and Ashtamshani are other names for it.

Vedic astrology predicts that this time is dangerous, with risks to people’s lives, their property, and their financial, social, personal, and marital situations.

Effects of Shani Dhaiya that are bad

Social embarrassment is one of Shani Dhaiya’s unfavourable outcomes. Failure to succeed, unsuccessful efforts that are completed on schedule, repeated failures, inability to pay off debts as they become due, loss of capacity to function properly, emotional instability, and trouble managing relationships with others destroys tranquilly or calm and causes problems with mental and physical health.

If your business is making you unhappy or if you are afflicted with conditions that make you sad or depressed, you may be in need of Lord Shani Dev’s blessings.

We advise attending the shani dhaiya tantrik puja held by us to receive immediate relief and feel Comfort from disappointment and misfortune in order to free yourself of the misery and irritation brought on by the aforementioned issues.

Tantric Shani Dhaiya Puja

The sani dhaiya tantrik puja is performed by vamtantra after thorough horoscope scanning and consideration of the concerns of the individual. For those who experience Shani dhaiya tantrik puja or if their horoscope contains any malefics or markesha of Shani, vamtantra does the puja. The cost of the vamtantra Shani dhaiya tantrik puja is INR (11,000 only).

We need the following information from you for the puja:

Name of the individual for whom the puja must be conducted in full.

  • Father’s name.
  • born on date
  • location of birth
  • Age at birth.
  • Additional Details
  • Phone number.

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*Any poojas and rituals performed on these auspicious days are of utmost importance to obtain blessings and prosperity for every member of the family. To succeed, nine planets are worshipped, and to fully energise each planet, the planet’s greatest power is generated.The purpose of special Tantrik Pujas, which are exclusively conducted at midnight, is to get rid of ego and negativity, which impede both spiritual and material advancement. Tantrik rituals are carried out primarily for world peace, prosperity, health, and happiness. People want protection against evil, foes, and adversity while being blessed with great joy and riches.

Tantra sadhaks do the aforementioned poojas while upholding absolute sanctity and adding tantric/vedic rituals for quick results.

Only your faith, trust, and belief produce the best outcomes.

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